Where are the big ideas?

this post by dave

One of the most exciting things about TED is the number of big ideas that get shared. TED isn’t alone in spreading big ideas and in the spirit of intertwingling networks with networks over the next few weeks I’ll mention a few other groups/orgs that are helping spread big ideas.

First up is John Brockman’s The Edge.

John Brockman has been bringing brilliant minds together to share their big ideas since he formed The Reality Club in 1981. Brockman is a literary agent and focuses on representing the smartest people he can find. Every year at his website The Edge he asks his clients and friends to answer a single question. Last year he asked “What will change everything?” Two years ago he asked “What are you optimistic about?”

This year’s question is “How is the Internet changing the way you think?

Clay Shirky, Tim O’Reilly, Stewart Brand, Brian Eno, and scores of others (160+) offer their answer.

“Amidst the apocalyptic wailing over the Internet-inflicted demise of print, one counter-trend deserves a hearing. The Web has allowed the re-invention of the spoken word. Thanks to a massive expansion of low-cost bandwidth, the cost of online video distribution has fallen almost to zero. As a result, recorded talks and lectures are taking on new forms, and spreading across the Web like wildfire.” — Chris Anderson, Curator, TED conferences, TED Talks


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