10 Questions for Chris Anderson

TED curator Chris Anderson takes 10 questions from reddit readers.

venisoned asks: Do you have any plans to move away from the current invite-only model to a open, peer-reviewed model, where anyone with an idea worth spreading (irrespective of his/her eminence) can give a talk?

We already have something of a crowd-sourced model. The website receives literally thousands of speaker suggestions, and they’re invaluable in helping to craft the final program. I don’t think we’d ever completely outsource the process. It’s not just a random sequence of talks we put out each year … they need to connect with each other, and flow. But I DO love the thought of broadening who gets onto the stage.

One unexpected benefit of the TEDx program is that it’s allowed hundreds of people around the world to organize their own events and invite their own speakers. Some of them have stunned us … and you’re going to see some amazing talks going up on the website from TEDx before long.

Also on our to-do list is to give more visibility to the “my idea worth spreading” feature, which is already part of anyone’s profile page on TED.com. I’d like to let the community upvote these in a Reddit-like way. And yes, maybe the best ones could get talk invites. Thanks for nudging this.


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