From the Department of Big Ideas: Google has been one of the most innovative and successful companies of the last decade. Part of their innovation has been a commitment to the on-going education of their employees by bringing in a wide range of speakers and performers and posting those visits online as part of their Talks@Google (aka AtGoogleTalks) series.

For me these talks are often a perfect lunchtime companion on the days I eat lunch at my desk. Last week Larry Downes spoke about his recently published book The Laws of Disruption.

You can find a larger version of this talk here.

“Larry Downes’ new book explores the accident-prone intersection of innovation and the law.

“What is the Law of Disruption? Introduced in the 1998 classic, “Unleashing the Killer App,” the Law of Disruption is a simple but devastating principle explaining the resistance to change:

“Social, political, and economic systems change incrementally, but technology changes exponentially.

“Where Killer App looked at ways business could use faster adoption as a means to competitive advantage, The Laws of Disruption explores, ten years into the Internet revolution, what has happened to social, political, and legal systems that now lag dangerously far behind.

“In particular, the book describes nine emerging principles for a new legal foundation, built on the unique economic properties of information. These nine principles, representing the most contentious areas of transformation today, form the laws of disruption.”

A list of AtGoogleTalks speakers can be found here.


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