Big Think

If you like Big Ideas videos check out Big Think. Similar to TED in that it brings together a wide-range of thinkers to share their big ideas, Big Think restricts itself to short interviews rather than short lectures. Here’s Richard Florida talking a little bit about the ideas behind his next book, The Great Reset.

[Wordpress doesn’t seem to like the Big Think embed player, so follow this link to see the interview with Richard Florida.]

“Well I actually think the [economic] crisis is the inflection point, or the transformation point. … [I]f you look back on previous crises, they’ve always been associated with the rise of new economic systems. So, the crisis of 1873 was associated with the rise of the first industrial revolution, and it gave rise to the second. The crisis of the 1930s was the rise of the second industrial revolution and these big steel companies and auto companies, and then we figured out how to make the society work. This is really a crisis, not just of the financial markets and wanton spending and too much credit, it’s a tectonic crisis that’s associated with the rise of a new economic order.”

You can find the full interview with Richard Florida here.


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