Chris Anderson is ‘Inspirational’ in TEDx Webinar

Basically, TED is Chris and Chris is TED.  He takes risks, nurtures and protects his projects, shares them with the world and changes the world!  After attending Chris’s TEDx webinar, it became clear to me that Chris’s passion for TED goes well beyond commercial success.  During his webinar, he inspired us with his personal philosophy, his vision for TED’s future, and how TEDxers are part of it.

Insights from the session

  • Chris measures success by measuring audience and speaker passion!
  • TED changed the way people learn – free online videos shared with the world instead of just conference attendees
  • TED is world-changing – the TEDPrize changes the world
  • TED is different from most other conferences in that it draws from a diverse field of presenters and attendees.  Chris credits this with a key to TED’s success
  • A great TED speaker connects with the audience on a personal level and shares novel ideas that inspire on a large-scale rather than at a local level
  • Chris’s favorite speakers  are those who ‘think differently’ and whose deep passion for a cause changes the world (Dr. Jose Abreu)

For more details from the webinar, read my tweets from the session @tedxtampabay


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