Dan Meyer TEDxNYED: Math Class Needs a Makeover

Dan starts his talk by explaining how he ‘Sells a product to a market that doesn’t want it but is forced by law to buy it’. He manages to get his students to ‘buy’ into his classes by approaching the subject in a very non-mathematical way (video,photos & blogs — gasp!) He moves beyond text books and answer keys to engage even the most math-averse students using lots of rich media (photos, video, blogs), frames problems using a common-sense approach, engages his students to become part of the conversation, and obviously enjoys his work tremendously. I love how he compares math textbooks to sitcoms, doling out simple, formulaic problems with no real impact. Wow, tv sitcoms are ‘lowest common denominator’ (pun intended) television, so Dan’s message is pretty significant.


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