TEDxOilSpill a Powerful TEDx Event with Global Relevance

Dr. Sylvia Earle

If  you weren’t lucky enough to get a seat at the live TEDxOilSpill in Washington, D.C. and weren’t able to tune in via the live web stream, you can still view the event on the TEDxOilSpill livestream website.  The day was full of ideas, stories, creative expressions, signs of hope, and a wealth of resources that innovative individuals have developed to ‘lean in’ to do their part in planning the cleanup.  One of the outstanding presenters, Sylvia Earle, 2009 TEDPrize winner, talked about her Whale Shark research currently ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico.  The @BPGlobalPR guy provided what was supposed to be satire, but sadly, mirrored the truth far more than expected.  Here are some of the highlights from the event, but the best way to experience the event is to watch the event video streams!

Amazing resources presented at TEDxOilSpill

TEDxOilSpill Expedition Flickr Pool – Creative commons licensed Gulf oil-spill photography http://bit.ly/dlQDBy

Google’s Oil Spill crisis response page: http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/oilspill/

Sean Soper of Intridea. Oil Reporter App. – http://oilreporter.org

TEDxOilSpill Tweets . . .

  • ” There are more than 4000 drilling platforms in the gulf drilling about 32,000 wells” –Mike TIdwell #TEDxOilSpill #oilspill
  • @acarvin: The new PBS show Need To Know is going to do a special on #TEDxOilSpill on July 2.
  • XPrize to fund a solution to clean-up the ocean. Submit ideas to francis@xprize.org What do u prize?
  • @acarvin: Savitz quotes Henry Ford: If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d want a faster horse, not a car.
  • @TEDx: “Clean energy creates 3 times more jobs than fossil fuels.” via Jackie Savitz at #TEDxOilSpill #oilspill #TEDx
  • @acarvin: Savitz: We get about 8% of our oil from the gulf. Can we develop 8% of efficiencies in our energy consumption? #TEDxOilSpill
  • @TEDxAustin: Latosha Brown at #TEDxOilSpill: How to clean up Dirty South? Diversify economy, retrain workers, encourage entrepreneurs
  • “People say alternative energy is too expensive. Who says it? The people selling fossil fuels”. — Dr. Carl Safina #oilspill #tedxoilspill
  • “BP: Your brand is over. It’s dead. Quit working on that and fix the Gulf.” – @BPGlobalPR at @TEDxOilSpill #oilspill
  • Mike Mendez’s alt energy company Sapphire will build an algal biorefinery, to be operational by 2012 #TEDxOilSpill #OilSpill

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