Atlanta Music Project Inspired By Abreu’s El Sistema

2009 TED prize winner José Antonio Abreu’s TED prize wish was for his El Sistema project to inspire others in the U.S. and beyond to adopt the initiative in their communities.  Thanks to Dantes Rameau, bassoonist and part of the inaugural graduating class of the Abreu Fellows Program, Atlanta has a chance to engage youth with an El Sistema-inspired project called the Atlanta Music Project.

Thanks to generous support, the project is on track to successfully raise $15,000 dollars.  With your generous support, the Atlanta Music Project can meet its goal and succeed.  In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, please help spread the word to your fellow TEDx supporters, attendees and licensees and support an idea that became a reality at TED. The deadline is Monday, September 6, 11:59pm EDT.

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More about José Antonio Abreu

Support the initiative on Kickstarter


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4 Responses to Atlanta Music Project Inspired By Abreu’s El Sistema

  1. Thank you to TEDxTampaBay for the support. We’re 66% funded on our fundraiser for instruments! The Atlanta Music Project was first announced in Atlanta at TEDxPeachtree in December 2009. Nice to see how we’ve come along with the help of other TEDx events.

    Best Wishes,

    Abreu Fellow, Class of 2010
    Executive Director, Atlanta Music Project

    • ginac says:


      We look forward to attending your first Atlanta Music Project concert!

      • Al Meyers says:

        As the organizer of TEDxPeachtree, I am just delighted that you have written about the Atlanta Music Project. We are so appreciative of your support and we hope that El Sistema’s message will spread to every urban center in our country!

        Warm regards,

        Al Meyers
        TEDxPeachtree Founder & Licensee

      • ginac says:

        As members of the TEDx community, I think its our duty to spread the ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, and the Atlanta Music Project is certainly one of them!

        Gina Clifford
        TEDxTampaBay Licensee

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