TED prize Bears Fruit in Atlanta With Help of a TEDx Connection

In 2009, Jose Antonio Abreu was awarded the TED prize.  Dr. Abreu founded El Sistema, a free youth orchestra program in Venezuela where the majority of students live in poverty.  El Sistema is one of the most successful music education projects of its kind in the world, and some of its youth orchestras are world renowned.  Here is Dr. Abreu’s TED wish:

I wish you would help create and document a special training program for at least 50 gifted young musicians, passionate for their art and for social justice, and dedicated to developing El Sistema in the U.S. and in other countries.

In June 2010, ten gifted musicians graduated as the inaugural class of the Abreu Fellows Program.  In October, 2010, El Sistema began in Atlanta, Ga. as the Atlanta Music Project under the direction of Dantes Rameau, one of the inaugural Abreu Fellow graduates.  Dantes recently presented about the project at TEDxPeachtree.  Dante is a living example of the power of TED to change the world, and TEDxPeachtree is a great example of how TEDx events help spread and support global TED ideas!

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend TEDxPeachtree, watch Dantes Remeau’s talk to learn more about Dantes and the Atlanta Music Project

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