Thank you, bay area thinkers and doers, whose tremendous enthusiasm and support made the day a huge success.  The Raymond James room was thrumming with deep conversations all day.  Passion filled the stage and brought tears to the eyes in the audience. Big ideas that are changing the world, the convergence of art, science, and math, and humanity were some of the themes running through the presentations.  We’re humbled by the human capital that filled the Dali on April 22, 2011. Thanks to all of our partners and sponsors for delivering the highest quality service we can imagine.

Our partners, especially the Dali Museum,  Tampa Digital, and Stehlik Photography, were major event partners.  These folks went way above and beyond the call of duty to make our event a success. The people, the venue, the passion, the dedication, and the delivery was exceptional.  We’d like to give special thanks to the Dali’s Hank Hine, Andrea Ayala, Eric Crispin, and Janine Adams-Stilwell.  Their commitment to our event was amazing.  Tampa Digital’s expert team, headed by Jeff McCown, worked as true partners with the TEDxTampaBay planning team, working late into the evening on the eve of the event to set up all of the A/V equipment.  Paul Stehlik, an extremely accomplished professional photographer from Stehlik Photography, worked tirelessly to capture the essence or the event. We had some amazing volunteers, too!  Special thanks to Carolyn Jacoby, Reuben Pressman, Christian Haas, Marcial Flores, and Jean Sheridan for your extremely high-level commitment and performance at the event.

Thanks to our anonymous contributors whose generosity allows TEDxTampaBay to expand its reach in Tampa Bay and beyond. Thanks to the Cafe Gala staff for providing excellent food and service to our attendees.  Thanks to all of the support, security, and event staff at the Dali for providing everything else we needed to make our day memorable. Thanks to Austin Dacey and  Michelle Deyden of Impossible Music for doing whatever it took to ensure the arrival of The Casualty Process musicians.  Thanks to all the folks who shared their passion for our event with the world via Twitter, too.

Here are a few of our favorites:

@missdestructo: Best #tedx ever and i’ve been to a few of them 🙂 🙂 #tedxtampabay

@meghendricks: @vineet_singal – tnx for speaking at #tedxtampabay. Your talk was very inspiring!

@tampamom: Awesome event today! Congratulations #TEDxTampaBay#TEDx

@vineet_singal: cannot begin to describe how incredible this has been. Honored, blessed, humbled. @tedxtampabay and the city of St. Petersburg, thank you!

@meghendricks: Very inspiring day…can’t wait 2 share! #tedxtampabay


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