Meaningful Connections at TEDxTampaBay

Vineet Singal presenting at TEDxTampaBay 2011

There are dozens of stories and statements around the web documenting how people connected with each other on Friday, April 22nd 2011  at the TEDxTampaBay event at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.  As the day progressed, the emotional energy increased and the audience wiped tears from their eyes. In fact, one person described her experience as an emotional crescendo during our afternoon session. Others gained new friends, professional connections, or business associates.  Among all of the feedback we’ve received about our event, we’d like to highlight two particularly poignant responses.

Vineet Singal, TEDxTampaBay 2011 Presenter

My experience at TEDxTampaBay was nothing short of fantastic. While over 50 people came up to me and congratulated me on my talk, I was more humbled and honored by one specific interaction. I had lunch with an attendee at the conference and we had a fairly long conversation after. She told me how she enjoyed my talk (I’d actually asked for her advice before I went on stage and she told me one thing ‘Slow down!’ which I gladly followed). She and I talked about Anjna and 100KCheeks, and then the conversation shifted to her own organization, She told me how she had founded her organization after the death of her daughter from Multiple Sclerosis. While her daughter was battling her disease, they would celebrate her little victories (like getting dressed all by herself)!” In memory of her daughter, she wanted to help those suffering from debilitating diseases by celebrating their little victories.

I offered to help take on the new organization as an advisor and help her launch it. I am extremely excited to help her, because not only do the little victories matter, but being instrumental in helping actualize something so personal and meaningful to someone is a dream come true.

Robert X. Fogarty presenting at TEDxTampaBay

Arlen Bensen, TEDxTampaBay Co-Producer

I’ve rarely been moved and inspired in such a glorious way as I was by Robert Fogarty’s presentation. It was so exalting that I was nearly unable to take the cards he was handing off to me.To be present and part of the group experiencing it is among the very finest human experiences, I believe, we can digest.While I’m grateful for the efforts of all the presenters, this one was particularly transcendent and compelling and everything I hope TED presentations will be. This reaction was achieved despite technical shortcomings that made it difficult to fully perceive some of the images.  It’s a nice affirmation, too, that it’s not the technical slickness of a TED talk that makes it special, but rather the connection it achieves with our collective spirit.I look forward to seeing the completed images from the Dear World activity taking place at the event. Thanks for inspiring us to share our message, Mr. Fogarty, and then for helping us to share it.

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3 Responses to Meaningful Connections at TEDxTampaBay

  1. I write with tears in my eyes. I am that woman Vineet is speaking of. The charity is Ta-Da! International and here is the current site: http://www.tadain,org

    Vineet and I are currently in a dialogue about the next step for Ta-Da!

    • ginac says:

      Thank you, Velva. We wish you the best of luck with your new organization. We’re very glad to hear that you made a meaningful connection at TEDxTampaBay!

  2. Thanks so much. Your support means a lot to me. Also, the correct link for Ta-Da! International is if you want to learn more.

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