Poetry and Music at TEDxTampaBay 2011

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There is something special about musical and poetry performances at a TEDx event.  Combined with big ideas and deep conversations, music and poetry wield the power to energize our spirits and rattle our humanity.  The TEDxTampaBay 2011 performers did just that.

The Listen project, composed of  Emily Roff on Jazz Vocals, Stephen Fee on Opera Vocals, Jeremey Powell on the Keys, Jon Shea on Bass, Adam Volpe on Drums, and Josh Formanek on Guitar, combined seemingly disparate musical styles.  The result?  A powerful, energizing performance of an original piece composed specifically for TEDxTampaBay 2011.

Iranian Impossible Music musicians, The Casualty Process, performed three haunting electronic rock pieces that hinted at the struggles they face as they continue to perform music outlawed by their government. Afterwards, Saeid Nadjafi and Shayan Amini expressed their passion for music “It’s not about the government. It’s not about religion.  We just love to play music.  Music is our life”.

Hip-Hop poet, Pedro Jarquin, stunned the audience with his passionate monologues.  His incredible energy, body language and facial expressions transported everyone into his life for a few minutes.  His hypnotic rhythm kept our brains buzzing as he spilled his incredibly emotional story.

Venus Williams fittingly embodied Mother Nature in her elegance and beauty on Earth Day.  She concluded our day on an emotional feel-good high that only Venus can deliver.  Her words of love, power, and wisdom wrapped up the day in an elegant aura that lasted well beyond the day.


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One Response to Poetry and Music at TEDxTampaBay 2011

  1. It was an incredible event, and I feel blessed to have been chosen to be a part of it.

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