John Dengler Rocks TEDxTampaBaySalon December

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Tre Amici was standing room only as people from around Tampa Bay and beyond packed into the hip coffee shop in Ybor City to witness Jon Dengler tell his amazing story of sharing and generosity in an age of excess and materialism. Jon’s passionate talk reminded us that it is people, and not “stuff”, that has real value. Through intentional living, Jon and his community live together without air conditioning and other comforts to reduce their carbon footprint.  Best of all, Jon’s stories started halfway across the world, transplanted themselves here and now they are sprouting here in Tampa. Thanks, Jon.

Thanks to the Advanced Medical Practices Interest Group and Tampa Florida Attractions for helping us spread the word. Thank you, Drew Coffman of Birch Standard for your videography services and expertise. Thanks to the hard-working crew at Tre Amici for making us comfortable, serving awesome food and drinks, and making it look easy with a crowd of 60 people crammed into every spot in the place! Thanks to everyone who came out on Monday evening to share, engage, and meet new faces.


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2 Responses to John Dengler Rocks TEDxTampaBaySalon December

  1. Jim Black says:

    Thanks for the good presentation on the night John Dengler spoke. Is it possible to see the video taken if his talk that night?
    Where could I find it…
    Thanks again
    Jim Black

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