Bryan Roberts

Bryan is the founder and owner of Eco-Tech Construction, a Florida-based general contracting firm that focuses on the design and implementation of projects and communities that work in concert with natural systems.  He has piloted projects that demonstrate both the practicality and affordability of Permaculture design principles by utilizing inherent properties of the site in combination with a choice of materials creating a built-environment that treads very lightly on its surroundings.

For the past two years, Bryan has been developing the concept for EcoBuild Systems, a holistic systems-based approach to construction.   Taking into account the unique characteristics of each site, its available resources and the inherent properties of the materials used the EcoBuild Systems building methods combine energy, water, and waste handling in a way that mimics natural systems to create projects and communities that function in harmony with their surroundings.  This systematic approach creates spaces that are comfortable, intuitive, and affordable to inhabit.

Through alliances with numerous organizations Bryan and a wide array of strategic partners have used their creative projects as community outreach tools through hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and lectures promoting transition in many facets of living.  The Roosevelt 2.0 building in Tampa and The Florida Earthship Project in Manatee County serve as models of creative cost-effective sustainable enterprise, local food and energy production, and learning centers to promote a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


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