Nadine Smith

Nadine Smith has been executive director of Equality Florida since its
inception in 1997, and was executive director of its predecessor, the Human
Rights Task Force of Florida prior to that. She joined the organization in
1993 after serving as one of four national co-chairs on the 1993 March on
Washington and taking part in the historic, first-ever meeting between LGBT
leaders and a sitting U.S. president (Clinton) in the White House.

During her tenure as head of Equality Florida, she has also served four
terms as co-chair of the Equality Federation and served as a member of the
Democratic National Committee. She has led advocacy efforts in Florida at
the state level at a time of unprecedented attacks on the LGBT community,
serving as Equality Florida’s lead lobbyist in Tallahassee and heading
efforts to stop discriminatory legislation and ballot measures and to
overturn Florida’s ban on adoption by gay and lesbian parents.

Her deep experience in community organizing, social change and politics
includes her service as campaign manager for Citizens for a Fair Tampa, a
successful effort to prevent repeal of that city’s human rights ordinance in
1995, and her own campaign in 1991 for Tampa City Council. In the latter,
her first bid for public office, she emerged from a field of seven as the
leading vote getter in the primary, losing narrowly in the runoff.

Nadine has been recognized for her national and state leadership by
organizations around the nation, including the National Gay and Lesbian Task
Force, the Human Rights Campaign, the National Center for Lesbian Rights,
the National Black Lesbian and Gay leadership Forum and others. A former
award-winning journalist, Nadine has written syndicated columns for various
LGBT and general audience publications.


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