Pedro Jarquin

Originally from Nicaragua, Pedro was born with poetry and rhyme laced into his bloodstream. After a harrowing journey to the US to escape civil war when he was seven, Pedro grew up in the Washington D.C. area and spent most of his life on stage. Learning English by listening to Rap and Hip Hop artists, like Bone Thugs N Harmony, set the foundation for his seemingly effortless rhythmical freestyle future.

Pedro has a long history of spoken word poetry accomplishments for his age, including opening for Def Poetry Jam and other ticket mastered events in Tampa Bay Florida, although he seamlessly made his way into a more Hip Hop-focused career in 2008. El Poeta has performed for theatres, radio stations, art galleries, coffee shops, bars and clubs from Florida to Maine, DC to Colorado, and Europe to Central America. Pedro’s style has been compared to that of Eminem, Immortal Technique, Tupac, Sage Francis, and other greats.

Pedro currently has a 2-disc album available for sale through Itunes, Amazon, and other online vendors as well as local retailers, such as Daddy Kool Records, entitled‚ “Pick Your Poison‚” Hip Hop and Poetry. The new cd‚”Street Reporter Mixtape”, will feature several different producers from Tampa Bay, including executive producer Lance‚”The Legend”, Quinn (producer for Bon Jovi’s first 2platinum albums, the Star Wars theme music, Talking Heads albums, etc.). The album will tell true tales from the street as reported by Pedro.



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