TEDxTampaBayChange Highlights

TEDxTampaBayChange, which took place on Thursday, April 5, 2011 at the beautiful Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fl, brought together thinkers and doers from around the Tampa Bay area and beyond. The attendees were treated to a live stream of TEDxChange from Berlin, which featured talks from global citizens changing the world. Over our delicious boxed lunches in the delightful Poynter dining hall, we exchanged ideas with people we just met, made new friends, and interesting new connections. Our local presenters challenged our current models of thinking about ourselves, our medical system, and our food. Michelle Royal and Hunter Payne worked tirelessly to graphically facilitate the entire event as it happened. The result was a colorful and stunning graphical representation of the day’s talks. What an amazing day of global ideas and thought-provoking discussions.

Thanks to all of our volunteers, including Celesta, Stan, David, and Gary. Thanks to the Poynter Institute for being such gracious and thoughtful hosts. Thanks to Michelle and Hunter for adding so much color and interest to the event. Thanks to our sponsors Tampa Florida Attractions and Stehlik Foto for your generous donation of services. Thanks to Kathyrn Cox, our on stage host, for seamlessly managing the day from the stage. Finally, we appreciate the passion and commitment our presenters made to sharing their ideas TED-style!

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From TEDxKhartoumb: What is Positive Thinking?

Anwar Dafa-Alla, TEDxKhartoumb organizer, interviewed global TEDxers at TEDActive 2012. He asked one simple question–what is positive thinking? TEDxers and TEDActive attendees are changing the world. They’re incredibly optimistic, passionate, energetic, and engaged. Take a peek into how TEDsters around the world are using the power of positive thinking to change the world!

What is Positive Thinking?

TEDxTampaBayChange Poster

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TEDx is Changing the World

TEDx, locally organized events licensed by TED, are changing the world. People are coming together under the TED platform and with TED’s guidance to start conversations, solve problems, share ideas, and make change. When diverse groups of engaged people come together around big ideas, the collective energy and enthusiasm sparks passion for doing. Watch the following videos of TEDxers from around the world talking about what moved them to organize a TEDx event in their communities.

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